Modern PVC windows offer you so much more

You will be amazed at the huge benefits in replacing your old PVC windows.

It is estimated that over 70% of properties in the UK have double glazing, but many of these were installed more than ten years ago and would benefit hugely from being replaced.

Energy Window RatingWhat makes a modern PVC windows so good?

  1. Save you money
  2. Energy efficient
  3. Security
  4. Better looking
  5. Many styles
  6. More environmentally positive

Modern PVC windows save you money

The amount of home heating savings depends on how many windows you have and how old they are. As a guide, the average home that contains 15m² of glass could save over £200 a year in energy bills.

Energy efficient PVC windows

Modern windows, like fridges, freezers and washing machines, can now carry energy rating labels to make it easier for you to find the most efficient solution for your home. The best display the Energy Saving Trust triangle.

Modern PVC windows have never been more secure

Secured by DesignModern PVC windows are now more typically glazed from the inside, so burglars can't easily remove the glass. Simple window locks are now replaced with ultra-secure shoot bolts. Dedicated locking mechanisms are fixed securely into the frames, which in turn boast thickened wall sections for increased strength and security. Look out for products that bear the Secured by Design logo, this is the official Police initiative for security and "designing out crime".

Better looking windows

They have never looked so good. Sightlines are slim with trims and seals now hidden out of site. Frames no longer need to be white or shiney and smooth. Modern coloured foils are hard to distinguish from stained timber in look and texture.

Many styles of windows

Modern windows have never offered so many styles. Tilt and turn windows offer more ventilation options and reversible windows make cleaning possible from the inside. The technology to curve window frames to suit to suit your home has been perfected and designs such as French casement deliver maximum ventilation when open.

Positive environmental contribution

Modern PVC windows have never contributed more positively to the environment. These windows can carry a recycled content of up to 40%, which otherwise may have gone to landfill. The best are reinforced with 100% recycled reinforcement material for extra strength and stability. They can save over 26 tonnes of CO2 emissions over the lifespan of their installation.

Better home improvements uPVC Windows

Better home improvement specialist windows and doors was introduced 2 years after the company was founded when the company directors realised that after exploring and accelerating to the top of the home improvement uPVC industry in such a short space of time, people were not getting the quality and service within other sectors of our PVC industry that they deserved. We began to source and develop only top quality products to launch us into the PVC window and door market - the outcome of such rigorous development speaks for itself when we have not only seen our PVC windows and door division in Belfast grow into market leaders, but continues to grow while other companies are shrinking around us.

This again is no coincidence. It is purely because our service, quality and excellent value for money with our range of windows and PVC window frames throughout Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom outweigh our competitors which speak volumes on its own.