Modern Quality Conservatory

What makes modern conservatories so good?

Modern conservatories don't require a compromise on design

For years the conservatory in the UK was a sun lounge that allowed you to sit in the garden all year round. Then came the "white box" solution that was bolted onto your home whether it looked good or not. Traditionally Victorian in style, the promise of more usable space seldom lived up to expectations, as the lack of square corners made for dead space in a room that furniture couldn't easily occupy.

Now modern, precision-engineered conservatories are tailored to your individual need, style, budget and space available, be it traditional or modern, simple or complex.

A room you can live in all year round

Too hot in summer, too cold in winter, problems if south or north facing, all these issues have now been overcome through product innovation. These problems are easily solved by choosing a modern conservatory that remains stable and offers weather-tightness as temperatures fluctuate.

Underfloor heating takes up less wall space and specialist air conditioning units are now commonplace. Roof ventilation can now be manual or automatic, linked to rain sensors and a thermostat that ensure your conservatory remains cool and dry, whilst the glazing itself can be specially coated to reduce heat loss and solar gain.

Modern conservatories

So much easier to keep clean; so much quieter in the rain

Most conservatories that are at least ten years old have a polycarbonate roof. Re-glazing them in glass is often not a practical solution as they lack the structural integrity required, leaving homeowners with tired-looking roofs that need regular cleaning, offer little insulation, amplify the sound of rain and are prone to insects getting lodged in flutes, causing staining.

So more and more homeowners are rebuilding their conservatory, choosing a glass roof - more thermally efficient, excellent at dampening down the sound of the British weather and self-cleaning - an altogether complete solution.

A room that adds value and beauty to your home

Conservatories have always been one of the most cost-effective home improvements in terms of the percentage of cost that is added immediately to the value of your home. Less restricted by the need for planning permission, the key is to not only add space, but also ensure that the conservatory extension best complements the look of your home.

At first, you could have any colour as long as it was white. Then came a limited choice of wood foil finishes. Now painted roofs can be matched exactly to the look of your home.

Modern conservatories combine the best products in one complete solution

Modern windows and doors specially designed for a conservatory, matched with a precision-engineered roof to give you better performance than ever.

Install a new conservatory

So don't move — Improve. Installing a new conservatory offers you a better rate of return in savings than putting your money in the bank, especially when you add in the savings of never having to paint or varnish again. Contact better home improvements now for a no obligation conservatory quote.

Better home improvement specialist conservatories

Better home improvement conservatories have been available from the same time as our window and door products. Again, after market research showed people were not getting the quality and service within other sectors of our industry that they deserved, better home improvement specialists began to source top quality products to launch us into the conservatory and sunroom market.

Wood and white pvc conservartories and sunrooms, replacement conservatory glass installed. Gable end, t-type, Victorian, Georgian styles available.

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